Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become involved in volunteering for certain shows and covering meetings?

Glad you asked! We're always looking for crew members and volunteers in general. Call or email us and we'll plan a time to meet.

2. I have an idea for a TV show. What do I need to do first?

Call or email us with a brief description of your idea. We'll set up a time to talk and take it from there. It's that easy! 

3. I have my own video gear. Do I need to use your equipment to produce programming for your channels?

If your equipment is of high enough quality to meet our standards you may use your own gear. But before you start shooting, come to the studio to discuss your ideas and goals. We're here to help.

4. My HD cable box in the living room has great audio of your programs, however my basic cable box in the kitchen has poor audio. Can you fix the audio?

We have contacted the engineers of Comcast and Verizon. They affirm that our audio is being sent out at the proper levels. It may be a problem with your cable box. Try calling your cable provider for assistance.

5. What does the "143" TV stand for?

The famous Minot's Ledge Light House off the Cohasset shoreline, beams a flash characteristic of one-four-three. Lovers on shore found the flashing had the same numerical count as the words, "I Love You". Thus it is known as the I Love You Light. We also Love TV, plus we're located at "143" Pond St in Cohasset.  What else could we have named our station?