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Cohasset Community Television, known as 143tv, is Cohasset’s own public access and education TV station.  Our mission is to provide the Town of Cohasset with the equipment and training they need to bring their passion to video while also providing vital information to the community through live broadcast of town events. 

Our station is Volunteer Driven and our content comes from our community.  To learn more about volunteering to help our station serve its mission please visit our Get Involved page.

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Latest Episodes

Wild Cohasset – Black Swallow-wort

Wild Cohasset - Black Swallow Wart

Lisey Good of Wild Cohasset teams up Maryanne Wetherald of Cohasset Open Space and Recreation to tell us about the dangers of invasive species plant, Black Swallow Wort. Find out what we can do to reduce the damage it causes.

Food 143 – The Black Cat

Food143 - The Black Cat

The Black Cat owners, Quentin Hill and Lauren Belo are baking up a storm and creating unique and tasty breakfast and lunch options for hungry locals. Host/Co-Producer, Catherine Harvey interviews the creative couple to find out how they got their start and why they’re so passionate about the food they make at The Black Cat. Filmed and directed by Jason Conforti. Co-Produced by Don Roine. Production Coordinator- Madison Gould.

People and Places – Photographer, Keith Conforti

Cohasset People and Places  Ep1- Photographer, Keith Conforti

A MUST watch episode by the very talented videographer, Jason Conforti. Jason’s subject is Photographer, Keith Conforti.

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